Popcast 06 - Pig Iron Cola & Hot Lips Apple Soda

On our sixth episode, which lies somewhere between China and Japan (it'll make sense when you listen, trust us) we try Pig Iron Cola and Hot Lips Apple Soda.  Are they both delicious or duds?  As usual we give you a little peek into what's to come on the site and of course plenty of news too!  This week the NY soda tax doesn't include diet drinks, doctors opinion on soda taxes, why the soda tax may drive some to drink alcohol, banning soda in schools, halving the size of cans to reduce consumption, the FDA is worried about BPA, Coke puts sugar in it's bottles but not in it's soda, Washington State students are trying to get Coke off campus, Stalin makes an appearance on soda bottles in Russia, a report on HFCS, Mountain Dew recipes, Pepsi is doing social marketing right, a soda geyser record is almost broken, another hotel makes fancy sodas, a "brew it yourself" store in New England, the history of Nectar in New Orleans is told, an update on the soda powered phone, a soda powered RC car, and finally another stupid criminal activity that involves soda.  Fhew!  Hope you enjoy it more than a $2 can of Coke!  Thanks to Polarity Failure for the music (http://www.myspace.com/bassbyjames/).

Popcast Episode 6