Julmust Christmas Soda


For those of you who celebrate the Christmas holiday, as you know right now is the perfect time to start shopping for presents and holiday-themed beverages. No, I'm not talking about eggnog; I'm talking about Julmust Christmas Soda from the fine folks at Guttsa Kalla in Sweden.  If you doubt their Swedish-ness, check out their website at guttsakalla.com.  Their founder's name is Lars Andersson.  Need I say more?

Last time I checked Christmas is on December 25th, and this soda expires soon so I best drink it now rather than wait.  Besides, it's best to shop early.

As you can see in the picture it's a cola-colored beverage, with a slight red tint when held up to the light.  It has sugar, so no HFCS, which is good…but hops and malt flavors from barley?  Oh boy. 

Well, it sure smells bad.  Oh, good, it even tastes bad as well.  Wow, this tastes like an alcoholic beverage, but without the alcohol.  This is non-alcoholic beer.  If we liked beer, we'd do a beer site, but we don't.  We like soda.  This isn't soda, it's disgusting.  I know a lot of people didn't like that spiced Pepsi from a few years ago, but I did, and I was kind of hoping this would be like that.  I think even those who didn't like the spiced Pepsi would crave that over this waste of carbonation.  Yuck.

Verdict:  Do not buy!